What is a 'Booking Footer'?


A 'Booking Footer' is a feature that lets you leave a note for a member after you've accepted their load. In addition, it's a handy tool that lets you add notes to the template for all orders you dispatch through the Exchange. 

The note could be something as simple as ‘Have a nice day' or 'All PODs and invoices must be delivered by post.'


To change your 'Booking Footer',


1. Navigate to the drop-down menu found on the far-right of the page and click on 'My Profile'.


BF 2


2. Next, click on 'Company Profile'.


BF 3


3. From here, scroll down until you see the 'Booking Footer' section.


BF 1


4. Add the note you would like members to see upon an accepted booking.


When you are done, make sure you click 'Save'.


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