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Rules, Regulations and General Policies of the Exchange

This document outlines our key rules, regulations and general policies that all users must adhere to for the smooth-running of our platform.

The integrity and reputation of the Exchange’s trade community (Courier Exchange, Haulage Exchange and CX Euro) is maintained by us providing you and your business with an efficient and well-managed platform. This document outlines our key rules, regulations and the general policies that all users must adhere to for the smooth-running of our platform. 

We strongly recommend that you use the digital tools provided to you on our platform when trading with other member businesses. Any trading done “off-Exchange” is outside of our oversight and we cannot assist you with disputes or suchlike that may arise in those circumstances. 

This document should be read in conjunction with the following documents: 

  • General Terms & Conditions governing your membership of the Exchange platform, available here.

1. Be courteous 

Treat all member businesses on the platform as you would like to be treated yourself - with respect and care. Our most successful and longstanding members establish and enhance their reputations on our platform. This doesn’t just have to be through trading activity – you can also mentor other businesses and help out your fellow members with advice and practical assistance when required.

Our feedback and rating system is an essential part of ensuring success on the platform for carriers & drivers and brokers/forwarders alike. We encourage all of our users to leave feedback after completing each booking. Businesses with a larger number of employees should ensure that all of their staff understand the importance of this aspect of the Exchange.

2. Have correct and up to date credentials and insurances

It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your business hold valid and appropriate licenses and insurances whilst operating on the Exchange. Whether they relate to your business, vehicle(s), driver(s), or individual users, documents and credentials that are invalid because they have expired or otherwise will mean that your membership will be considered to be non-compliant on our platform until they are updated. This will render your Exchange account liable for restriction of access to the platform, suspension and ultimately revocation in the event of on-going non-compliance.

3. Be accountable 

To carriers and drivers,

3.1 Confirm that you can adhere to the load pickup and delivery times before accepting a booking. 

3.2 A suitable signed POD, hard copy or electronic as requested in the booking instructions, must always be obtained at the delivery point(s) unless your customer has previously waived this requirement in writing.

3.3 Read the booking instructions/notes carefully before accepting the confirmed booking through our mobile app or desktop application. This will include instructions about which type of POD and supplier invoice is acceptable (hard copy and/or digital PODs, CMR, invoice).

To brokers,

3.4 Ensure that all loads posted are accurate and not mistakenly duplicated. Once a load is allocated, either mark it as ‘sold’ or allocate it to your supplier to avoid time-wasting of other members quoting for loads. Allocate your bookings through the platform to ensure that both parties have a digital record and so that the Exchange can step in and mediate in the event of there being any dispute or complaints which you are unable to resolve yourselves.

4. Be communicative

To carriers and drivers,

4.1 Provide your customers with regular status updates through the platform (desktop or mobile app) and via email and phone (if requested). Use our tracking solution in the mobile app(s) and/or Telematics integration with your fleet to make this transparency as easy and as automated as possible.

4.2. Additional charges (waiting times, cancellation fees, etc.) must be agreed at the time of carrying out a booking between our members. The Exchange does not intervene in these matters.

To brokers,

4.3 Ensure the booking has been agreed and its payment terms and any special instructions understood, before allocating the load to a member.

5. Be co-operative

To carriers and drivers,

5.1 Co-loading with another load or deviating from a direct delivery route is prohibited unless you have specific written and/or recorded permission from every member directly involved. Remember that it’s your customer’s reputation that you are carrying.

5.2 Always complete a booking with your own vehicle(s) and driver(s) – “second-level” subcontracting of your customer’s load to another carrier or driver (either on our platform or “off-Exchange”) is not permitted unless you have specific written and/or recorded consent to do so. It is expressly forbidden to post sub-contract loads that you have gained from our platform onto any other freight exchange platform – this type of activity will result in immediate suspension and possible revocation of your Exchange account without recourse.

To brokers,

5.3    Don’t post loads on behalf of any other business including previously revoked members - it’s your account and you and your business will be liable for these.

6. Know your boundaries 

To carriers and drivers,

6.1 When completing a load for another member, you are representing them and not your own business. If you or your employees are approached for your personal or business contact details, you must politely decline.

6.2. Never use your own company’s branded PODs as this could be seen as an attempt to “poach” business from your customer whom you have contracted to on our platform. We investigate all allegations of this nature very seriously and will revoke your membership if these are upheld.

7. Honour your agreed payment terms


To brokers,

7.1 Adhere to the agreed payment terms when contracting with another member. Failure to pay your sub-contract suppliers on time will lead to the suspension and possible revocation of your Exchange account. 

7.2. The payment terms which you’ve agreed and confirmed with your supplier at the time you make your booking are irrevocable and shouldn’t be amended. Any edits which you make to a confirmed booking without the consent of your supplier will be considered a breach of the terms of the Exchange and render you liable to negative feedback; any subsequent Complaint made against you by your supplier will be upheld. 

8. Respect reputations


8.1 Use the forum pages or other online media including social media appropriately to inform and engage positively with the trading community. Don’t make negative comments about other members. If you need to air a concern, rather make use of the feedback system and the Account Managers provided to you.

8.2 Information shared on the Exchange is protected in accordance with our privacy policy. You are not permitted to share any information on Social Media or use member details for mass marketing purposes. Don’t publish anything that brings the reputation of our platform or our members into disrepute.

9. Take the initiative when resolving disputes

Do your best to resolve any complaints or disputes with your customer or supplier first before submitting a formal complaint through our platform. In the event of either non-payment or slow payment, you must show evidence of your attempts to recover monies owed in order for us to escalate the matter. Please mark your invoices as paid on the platform.

Glossary of terms used

Carriers – Members carrying loads

Brokers – Members posting loads

POD – Proof of Delivery

CMR - Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road



Updated Feb 2020

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