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Why am I not receiving any notifications in my current location?


There are 3 types of notifications that you should be receiving from the Exchange:


1. Home location

2. Return journey

3. Tracked notifications

Always make sure you are being tracked by the Exchange either from your mobile app or by a Telematics integration. 


1. Simply open your app and ensure your GPS is enabled.



2. The app should display 3 green lights letting you know that tracking is activated.




You should also:

1. Ensure that you have a clear signal and are receiving data from other sources (Google Maps, Waze, Facebook).

2. Try logging out and back in again, then set a new status.

3. Email notifications - check that the notifications are not being delivered to your junk folder.

4. Load Alerts via the app - Keep in mind that when a job sells it comes off of the app on refresh. Sometimes jobs sell very fast on the Exchange. So check and see if you are getting the notifications to your email. If they appear in your email and not the app the jobs have likely just sold.


If you’ve done all this and still aren’t receiving notifications, it could just be that there is no available work in your immediate area. The notification radius for each job is selected by the job poster. This can range from 5 miles to 30 miles.

If you're aware of a job in the area and you aren’t receiving a notification for it, there can be several reasons:

  • Incorrect vehicle type/size (it isn't well-suited for the load)
  • Timings
  • Location (you are outside the radius selected by the job poster)

If you think there is a technical issue that can only be resolved by our team, make a note of the Load ID and email support@transportexchangegroup.com. 


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