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Why isn't my driver's location updating?


This all depends on how we are receiving the location of the driver. If you are integrated with a Telematics partner of ours, you should contact that provider.

If you’re using our mobile app to track your driver, then the tracking problem could be happening for several reasons.


Here's what you should be checking:

1. Make sure you're looking in the right place for your vehicle (either My Fleet or the Live Availability Map under "Drivers and Subcontractors")

2. Make sure that the GPS of the driver’s device is turned on

3. Make sure the device has access to the internet/has enough signal

4. Make sure the availability status of the vehicle has not expired. We cap statuses at 4 hours. If that time expires without an update, the vehicle will be shown as unknown (grey bubble) for half an hour and then removed from the live availability map.


If after you have tried all of the above and are still not able to track your vehicle through The Exchange, you can submit a support ticket through the mobile app situated in the side menu. This will provide us with some key data about the device. We will then contact you to help you resolve the issue.


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