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How do I complete a POD?

Each invoice must be submitted with a correctly completed POD (Proof of Delivery).

A professional, standardised POD is your best bet at receiving repeat bookings on the Exchange. 

Your POD establishes you as a professional on the Exchange so that members can trust you with their loads and in your ability to fulfil their expectations.

Here is an example of an acceptable POD format: 



Every POD must have, at minimum, the following on it:

  • Collection date;
  • Courier company name (the courier company you are completing the load for);
  • Load ID;
  • Collection name and address;
  • Delivery name and address;
  • Number and description of items (eg '1 pallet' or '32 boxes);
  • The words 'received in good condition' or at least 'received';
  • Signature of the recipient;
  • The printed name of the recipient and;
  • Date AND time of receipt, completed by the recipient.

The POD must be done on an acceptable duplicate or triplicate book which is in a suitable condition.

❗Under no circumstances can the POD contain any identifiable information. Using a POD with your name, your company’s name or any contact details (phone number/email address) can be considered an attempt to poach (steal) a customer and can result in suspension or in some cases, having your membership revoked.

If your customer has special requirements (eg: a reference number, customer paperwork) make sure you understand and follow these instructions. If you ignore the instructions, you risk not being paid on time, or not being paid at all. If a member supplies you with paperwork, it is because their customer will not pay them if cannot provide them with the required information.

If they don't get paid, you won't get paid and they will never hire you again in future, let alone recommend you to other members. 

Here are two examples of bad PODs that will result in you getting negative feedback or get blocked by your customer:

Example 1: 


Example 2: